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National Team for WKF Senior Worlds

Brendon Running

Emile Clayton

James Holder

Chris Rahardja

Sophie Savill

Charlotte Munro

Amy Thomason

Rebecca Watkin

Nicky Roberts

Pamela Chia


Team flys out on the 16th November to Paris. WKF will be live streaming the competition.

Wednesday November 21

09:00  Male and Female Kata Individual    Chris Rahardja and Nicky Roberts

13:15  Male -84kg  James Holder

14:30  Female +68kg Sophie Savill

15:45  Female -68kg Amy Thomason

17:00  Male -75kg  Brendon Running

19:00  Kumite Repocharges


Thursday November 22

09:00  Female -61kg Charlotte Munro

10:15  Female -55kg Rebecca Watkin

11:30  Male -67kg  Emile Clayton

15:45  Kumite Repocharges

16:30  Male and Female Team Kata  Nicky Roberts, Rebecca Watkin, Pamela Chia


Friday November 23

09:00  Male Team Kumite        Brendon Running, James Holder, Emile Clayton, Chris Rahardja

14:00  Female Team Kumite   Sophie Savill, Amy Thomason, Charlotte Munro, Rebecca Watkin


All  Bronze medal matchs and Finals are on Sunday November 24th

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