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Welcome to Fushin Ryu Karate New Zealand

The essence of karate is in not being hit, no hitting and no accidents.

Karate is for life
Sugihara Sensei still
training at 80

Fushin Ryu Karate has two full time dojo. Hombu dojo in Browns Bay and the other in Glenfield with 4 other clubs around Auckland. Fushin Ryu Karate is an excellent way to improve fitness, increase flexibility, build confidence and make new friends as well as being an excellent form of brain gym.

Benefits of Fushin Ryu Karate

  • Challenging yet friendly classes for ALL levels, beginners and advanced
  • Traditional and sport / kumite karate styles
  • Fushin Ryu is affiliated to Karate NZ (the governing body for karate in NZ)
  • All class levels include sport karate, traditional karate, self-defence and weapons training.
  • Specialised classes for kata, kumite, weapons and flexibility
  • Kick fit classes are available. Kick fit is an excellent introduction to Karate

New members are always welcome to try out classes.
CONTACT US please phone (09) 476 2 476 or email

Sugihara Cup
17 and 18 August 2013
Carmel College
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