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KNZ 2009 Junior National Team

KNZ has 16 competitors and two reserves representing New Zealand at the WKF Junior World championships being held in Rabat, Morocco in November this year.

The Coaches will be Duane Monk and Braedyn Birss, the referees will be Grant Holland and Johnny Ling. The Team will be led by Len Monk who is also on the WKF Technical council.


Team Member
Sarah Bryant 14/15 yrs Kumiteunder 54 kg Waikato 
Kirby Wotherspoon 14/15 yrs Kata  Auckland 
  14/15 yrs Kumiteover   54 kg  
Kosei Higurashi 14/15 yrs Kata  North Shore
  14/15 yrs Kumite under 52 kg  
William Wood 14/15 yrs Kumite under 70 kg North Shore 
James Grace 14/15 yrs Kumite over   70 kg Waikato 
Nicky Roberts 16/17 yrs Kata   
Marina Monk
 16/17 yrs Kumite under 59 kg North Shore 
Kayla Stowers
 16/17 yrs Kumite over   59 kg Auckland 
Barney Gill 16/17 yrs Kumite under 55 kg Wellington 
Shane Tregidga 16/17 yrs Kumite under 68 kg Northland 
Thomas Mackie 16/17 yrs Kumite under 76 kg Northland 
Chris Rahardja16/17 yrs Kata  North Shore 
   Kumite over  76 kg  
Jasmine Holland 18-20 yr Kumite under  53 kg Auckland 
Letitia Carr 18-20 yr Kumite under  60 kg Wellington 
Charlotte Munro 18-20 yr Kumite over    60 kg North Shore 
Aidan Carr 18-20 yr Kumite under  78 kg Northland 
 Jame Holder  reserve    
 Tarek Lakbal reserve    



Files To Download
09 KNZ National team photo
09 Letitia Carr (Female Captain)
09 Marina Monk
09 Kayla Stowers
09 Nicky Roberts
09 Kirby Wothersoon
09 Sarah Bryant
09 Jasmine Holland
09 Charlotte Munro
09 Chris Rahardja (Male Captain)
09 Aidan Carr
09 Barney Gill
09 William Wood
09 Kosei Higurashi
09 James Grace
09 Shane Tregidga
09 Thomas Mackie

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