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Japan Trip Dec/Jan 07/08

Japan Trip December 07

5 Fushin Ryu students spent one month in Japan over the Christmas break. Senpai Chikako, Chris R, Marina Carl and me. The first week was training in Yokohama with Carl, Chris and Marina competing in the Yokohama city open. With over 1700 competitors it was an exciting day. This made for quite big divisions and a good mental and physical test for all involved. Training with sensei Michi from Goju-Kai and sensei Kenji Sugihara it was a great experience.

Carl made it to the 4th round of the kata losing 3-2 to miss out on making the top 8. Lost 4-1 to the second place getter in the kumite. Marina lost in the second round of the kata 3-2 and lost in overtime of the 2nd round of kumite to a category 2 foul. Chris went through 6 rounds to take the final 5-0 with chatanyara kushanku in the kata but lost 1-0 in the last 3 seconds in the 4th round of the kumite to make the top 8.

It was a great learning experience for the 3, first time competing two at a time in kata and using head gear in the kumite and we look forward to returning again at the end of the year.

From Yokohama we all went to Okinawa along with Sensei Leo and Patricia from Wellington and Cleo. One week of training with sensei Sakumoto and his world champion team kata competitors made for an excellent week of training. We all learnt a lot as well as having an enjoyable time at sensei’s 60th birthday party.

Leo, Patricia and Cleo returned to NZ and we all headed back to the cold Yokohama winter.

Chris, Marina and Carl were fortunate enough to attend a 5-day training camp in Tokyo. Christmas day kicked off with morning training with lots of squats!

A mini tournament on the first day after a kata demonstration saw Carl win his kumite bout, Marina lose in overtime and Chris win his bout. A kumite tournament on the last day had Carl pulling out 0-0 mid fight with a sore knee and Marina unable to compete after a morning of vomiting joining a few others on the camp with stomach upsets. Chris went on to win his division in overtime rounding out an enjoyable if not tiring camp with some excellent tuition along the way.

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