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Team Returns from Turkey

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Senpai Brendon and Rebecca returned from competing at the 2007 Junior world Championships in Turkey.

A team of nine competitors, 5 coaches including 2 from Fushin Ryu (sensei Duane and Braedyn) and 6 officials including Sensei Len (WKF TC member) were part of one of NZ's most successful tournaments. No medals but agonisingly close with Letitia Carr of Wellington just missing out on back to back bronze medals. With 5 of the 6 kumite competitors making it past the first round we were off to a good start!

Senpai Brendon won his first bout against Georgia 1-0, leaving the Georgian coach not to happy. 2nd round he met the Antonio Oliver coached Latvian player going down 3-0 to the eventual 2nd place getter. This gave Brendon the chance of repochage, he made the most of it dispatching the Israili national champion 9-2 including the only 3 point jodan kick from a NZ'er in this tournament. Next round was against Russia, a tough fight in which Brendon gave the Russian a point after two head contacts he went down 3-1 missing out on the next bronze medal match. A big improvement on the last worlds were the hard training and experience gained from the last two years is starting to pay off. We look forward to continued improvement.

Senpai Rebecca at her first worlds let her nerves get the best of her losing to Mexico in the first round in Kata. Her kumite match was against Finland ending in a 3-0 loss.  Although not the results we had be working for I'm sure that she has learnt alot from the experience and will be training with even more intensity in the build up to next years busy calendar.

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