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Shihan Duane Monk

instructor duane
Sensei Monk has been training since 1972 from the age of six in the Chidokan and Shotokan styles before changing to the Shitoryu style under Sensei Toshiyuki Matsui of Kobe, Japan

Sensei Duane traveled to Yokohama, Japan in 1986 to train in the Fushin Ryu style under Hanshi Sugihara Kenpu. He returned to Japan for six months training in 1987 receiving his Japanese Shodan. Again returning to Japan for a year's training in 1989, Sensei Duane received his Nidan.

When he returned to New Zealand in 1990, he competed in the Auckland regional tournament (1st place kumite) and national (3rd place kumite, 1st place team) championships, and again in 1991 (3rd place nationals), then represented New Zealand at the Oceania championships (3rd place -65kg kumite and teams) and again at the Asia/Pacific Karate Championships held in Auckland, 1991.

He returned to Japan in December 1991 for a further six years training, taking part in many tournaments, coaching the NZ Senior Women's Team at the Tokyo Ladies Cup. He gained experience in grappling and throwing techniques while in Japan. He started a Karate club on the American Naval Base in Yokosuka.

Sensei Duane returned to NZ in November 1997 as a 4th Dan where he started teaching at the Browns Bay Dojo. He opened the Albany Fitness Centre and Karate Dojo in Albany, teaching there for nearly 5 years. Sensei Duane received his Godan in December 2002 and in April 2003 opened a new full time dojo on East Coast Rd in Browns Bay. After a long absence from competition Sensei Duane competed in the 2004 NZ Open winning both the Kata and Kumite in the veterans division.

 Currently Sensei Duane is the Chairman for Karate Auckland, Chairman of the Karate New Zealand coaching Council and a National Kata and Kumite coach.

Japan, December 2010,Sensei Duane grades to 6th Dan, Sugihara Sensei celebrates his 88th birthday! a great end to 2010.