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Japanese Terminology

Here is a list of words and phrases that are commonly used during training, please take time to read them, it will help the lesson and your training go more smoothly.

Note that some words are direct translations, many words have a much deeper meaning than the literal meaning given here and may convey ideas and themes. You will learn these as you continue your training.

Beginning and End of Lesson

Shomen ni Rei Bow to the front
Dojokun Dojo etiquette
Senpai no sensei gata ni rei Bow to the Sensei's Sensei
Sensei ni rei Bow to the Sensei
Otagai ni rei Bow to each other

Terminology used during lessons

Sonoba Uke On the spot blocking
Kamaete Ready position
Jodan uke ni ippon totte Left upper block out
Sonoba zuki On the spot punching
Hajime Begin
Hidari ni ippon totte Left hand out
Sonoba geri On the spot kicking
Sonoba uchi On the spot striking
Idoshiki(or Ido) Line kata (technique in movement)
Yoi Ready (heiko dachi)
Hidari kamaete Left ready position
Ippon totte Hand out
Gyaku zuki Reverse punch
Kette jun zuki Kick & lunge punch
Kette gyaku zuki Kick & reverse punch
Kette san dan zuki Kick & 3-level punch
Yame Stop
Kata Forms
Yakusoku Kumite Pre-arranged sparring
Jiyu Kumite Free sparring


A as in Father and Spa
I as in Piece and Machine
U as in You
E as in Egg and Hen
O as in Cot and Don't


1 Ichi 11 Ju ichi
2 Ni 12 Ju ni
3 San 13 Ju san
4 Shi (Yon) 14 Ju shi
5 Go 15 Jug o
6 Roku 20 Ni ju
7 Shichi (Nana) 30 San ju
8 Hachi 40 Yon ju
9 Ku (Kyu) 50 Go ju
10 Jyu 100 Hyaku


Ouss Greeting Kokyu Breath
Hai Yes Kyu Colour Belt Grade
Iie No Dan Black Belt Grade
Kaisan Finish Ki Spirit
Mokuso Meditation Kiai Guttural Yell
Rei Bow Kime focus

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