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NZ Oceania 3peat

The New Zealand National Team managed to top the Oceania Medals table for a third successive time this past weekend competing in Sydney Australia. While the overall medal count went Australias way the team was able to hang on to claim a 35-31 gold medal count over an Australian team that dominated the Sunday afternoons events including the Senior male kumite team event and just managed to sneak home against NZ in the final of the female kumite team division.

Fiji had an exeptionally strong showing with some outstanding kata performances which took out the defending Oceania Champion in the first round. Unfortunately she was unable to continue this form and did not make the final leaving NZ no chance for a repocharge.

To make this years Oceania Championships even more exciting was that it was a qualifing event for the 2013 World Combat Games in Russia and World Games in Columbia. The winners of the senior events to represent Oceania in a best of the best tournament of 8 per division. One competitor from each continent, the current world number one and two and one competitor from the host country.

Australia was able to reverse the 2010 results when NZ was first and second with Maki first and Renee second in the senior female Kata. KirbyWotherspoon of NZ won her repecharge against fellow team mate Rebecca Watkin for bronze.

In a world class field NZ's Chris Rahardja was able to win back to back senior Oceania titles with a run that has seen him win gold at every Oceania since his first aged 12 in 2004. It was a close result 3-2 over Mihn Dack of New Caledonia in the final. Mihn defeated Chris at the WKF Senior world championships for Bronze in 2008 when he was representing France. The former bronze medalist had beaten the Australian number one, James Giuliano to get to get to the final. James had won at Oceania 2008 and placed third at the 2012 Indonesian K1 karate Championships.

The Seniors Mens +84kg division was won by NZ team co captain Chris Bennett, as usual leading by example!

Senior Mens -84kg was won by Warkworths James Holder from NZ who bounced back well after relinquishing a 3-1 lead in the last few seconds of the final of the under 21 kumite division to an Ura Mawashi geri from James Grace. As expected James from NZ won the final of the under 21 kumite.

Brendon Running was able to take out the -75kg senior mens kumite repeating his success from 2010 in Tahiti.

Australia's Tsuneari Yahiro won the under -67kg division in style showing all the skill of a world medalist.

New Caledonia won the Mens -60kg division, unfortunately a very disappointed Barney Gill from NZ was withdrawn from the division by his coaches. He had taken a few knocks in placing 2nd in the under 21 year kumite division and was suffering from a suspected concussion and a sore jaw. A check up at the hospital confirmed the reason for the sore jaw was because it was broken.

The womens heavy weight division was won by Kiwi Sophie Savill from Christchurch, the NZ team co Captain. She used her experience to hold off fellow team member Kayla Stowers from Auckland, reversing the result from the NZ Nationals in July. Sophie also took silver in the senior womens Open event behind current world Champion Kristina Ma of Australia winning one of her matches 8-0 scoring with a both a mawashi and uramawashi geri! Kayla Stowers and Amy Thomason of NZ won their repecharge matches to both take 3= in the open event.

Charlotte Munro took the encouraging words from her coaches and put them into action winning the -68kg senior womens division. With her trade mark ura mawashi geri to seal the final. Amy Thomason won her repecharge to take bronze.

The -61kg division was won by current World Champion Kristina Mah. Kristiana is only the 3rd Australian (and Oceania) competitor to ever win the WKF Senior World championships. She has been in devastating form over the last two years winning many International tournaments. A very classy competitor on and off the mat it would have been great to see her compete more. She was unbeaten in all three of her events. 

Marina Monk won the -55kg event narrowly fending of Rebecca Watkin. Taking the decision after Rebecca made it 1-1 in the final. Marina had been in great form winning the under 21 -60 kumite division winning 7-0 and 8-0 in the final. She also won her repecharge bout against Kirby from NZ to take bronze in the under 21 year female kata which was won by Australia with Nicky Roberts of NZ second.

The under 48kg division was won by Australia with Sophie-Ann Chin of NZ taking bronze.


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10/11 Female Events

Fushin Ryu students made up the 3 competitors in the kata. Continuing her winning form Ada Wong took out the division. A tactical error saw Fenella miss out on making the final leaving her to win bronze in a repocharge with Tsai. Still there was great improvement in both the girls kata leading up to the tournament and if it continues I would expect great results in the future.

Ada had no one in her division so it was combined with the 12/13 year division  which had only one Australian competitor. Ada was able to win this division. Fenella won Gold in her weight division.

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12/13 Female Events


12/13 Male Events


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