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Wayne Otto Seminars

Wayne Otto Kumite Seminars 25th and 26th February
Wayne Otto OBE 5th Dan has five World Championship gold medals; in addition he also has to his title list, the World Games and has won the World Cup Championship title three times in succession, plus nine European Championships gold medals. Wayne Otto is therefore without doubt, ranked one of the most successful Karate competitors ever. 9x World Kumite Champion Wayne Otto This seminar must not to be missed. Wayne will be teaching some of his training drills and techniques which made him one of the worlds most successful sport karate-ka.
Seminar Details

Date: 25th February Saturday Fushin Ryu dojo 194 Archers Rd  
Limited Spaces available! (small dojo)
Only 23 spaces left - first in first served

We expect the spaces to be filled soon but if not all seminars paid on the day will cost $40 each - no discounts.

Seminar 1      11am–12.30pm       : Price $30 Prepaid
All grades from 12 yrs+**and competitors from the NZ Commonwealth team**

Seminar 2      1.15–2:45pm       : Price $30  Prepaid
6th kyu+ from 12yrs + **and competitors from the NZ Commonwealth team**

Seminar 3        3–4:30pm         : Price $30  Prepaid
All grades from 6 years to 11yrs

If Training Seminar 1 and 2 the cost is $55  Prepaid
If attending 4 seminars in Auckland and Hamilton then only $80!  Prepaid

Hamilton Seminars on Sunday
Venue: Yoshin WadoKan – dojo. 360 Dey St. Hamilton
Seminar 1 9am- 10: 30am. All grades from 6 years to 11yrs
Price: Price $30
Seminar 2 – Part 1 11am – 12:30pm. All grades from 12 years +
Price: Price $30
Seminar 3 Part 2 I:30pm – 3:30pm Open to 6th kyu/ green and above
from 12 years up and Completed Part 1
Price: Price $30. If Training Session 1 & 2 $55 Files To Download

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