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Youngest FRK NZ Blackbelts

North Shore karate students Chris Rahardja and Marina Monk have become the youngest black belts in New Zealand Fushin Ryu Karate history.

Chris started karate with Sensei Len monk at the Birkenhead dojo when he was 6 yrs old and at 14 years, 11 months and 2 weeks is the youngest 1st  degree black belt (shodan) overtaking Braedyn Birss (a current national coach) who gained his 1st dan black belt when he was 15 and a half.

Marina is the youngest provisional black belt (shodan ho) at 13 yrs and 2 months, having started her karate training at 2 and a half years of age, in Japan.

Both competed for New Zealand this year at the Oceania Championships held in New Caledonia.  Training 7 days a week prior to the competition paid off with Chris winning double gold, one in Kumite (points sparring) and again winning gold in Kata (forms) a division he also won at the 2004 Oceania Championships in Fiji.

Marina won gold in Kata and bronze in Kumite as well as gold in Team Kata along with Rebecca Watkins and Nikki Adams.

Chris and Marina graded with 11 others in a test that took over 4 hours for them and 6 hours for the higher grades, covering basics, kata, self defence and free sparring.


Grading Congratulations to

Kerry Titcombe – Shodan Ho (provisional Black)

Jeremy Alexander – 2nd dan black

Chikako Monk – 2nd dan black

Lars Wedinger – 2nd dan black

Shamendra Hurbuns – 2nd dan black

Dave Harris – 3rd dan black

Martin Wood – 3rd dan black

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