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December 2010 Newsletter



December 2010 Newsletter



Congratulations to our New FRK Club Champions for 2010 and to the recipients of the Club awards. Full details on the website under Tournament results and under Club Awards.


First Classes 2011

Check the calendar on the website, special” kick fit” classes start back early January, all students welcome, only $5 per class.



Private Lessons

Over the holiday break will provide a great opportunity to take some one on one (or share the session) with top Fushin Ryu trainee instructors. Have a team for team kata? Need help with the bunkai? Marina, Carl, Kosei are available. Contact Marina on 021 2655779, Carl on 021 0480262 and Kosei on 021 ****, send an email to or leave a message on 476 2 476



Congratulations to everyone who has passed a grading this term set your goals for the next one and train hard.

Results on the website under “student info”


Sugihara Cup

The 4th Sugihara Cup will be held in July 2011 – Now is the time to get your teams set for team kata and start training together over the holidays.


Karate NZ Open National Camp Jan 22 & 23

A two day national open camp will be held at the AUT sports hall in Northcote on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2011. This camp is open to all grades and ages. I recommend that you join karate NZ as a competitor for 2011 ($35) and receive discounts off all camps and tournaments for 2011. Family discounts also available.


Yoga Classes

Sophie will start back on Thursday the 6th of January 9-10am at the Brownsbay dojo and Saturday mornings 9-10am, I have asked Sophie to do a special price for the Fushin Ryu students and family cost is $5 



Holiday Programs 2010 and 2011


December         Mon 20th                 Tue 21st        Wed 22nd           Thurs 23rd 


January             Mon 24th            Tues 25th           Wed 26th           Thurs 27th          Fri 28th 



Karatedo o shuren suru mokuteki wa                                                    

To train in Karate is to learn


Value of effort, patience, creativity, responsibility, decisiveness, courage, health, manners, willpower and generosity

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