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NZ medals at the 7th World university Championships

Day One Thursday
A great start to the competition with Andrea Anacan from the skanz club in Auckland taking 3rd at the 7th World University Championships in Monternegro. A bye in the first round had her performing Kankudai against Switzerland , Switzerland beat South Africa in the first round, she won 4 flags to 1. Next round against France proved a difficult match, Andrea performed Chatanyara  going down 5 to 0 but getting the repochage as France progressed to the final placing 2nd to Japan. Andrea beat Aze 5 to 0 using Kankusho to get into a medal match with the home town competitor from Montenegro winning 3 to 2 to place third, in my unbaised opinion I thought that it should have been 5-0 to Andrea but I think that this rates as the best performance by a NZ female ever at a WKF event.
Jasmine Holland and Seira Yahiro of Australia also competed today. Jasime fought the competitor from Andora, although domnating the fight at the start she coul'd not catch after givig away points on contact. Seira went through to the qurater final after defeating competitors from Azerbaijian 1st round on hantei and Bosnia 3-2, however she lost to the competitor from Sloakia losing 0-1 on the buzzer.
Day Two Friday
Letitia Carr and Tsuneari Yahiro of Australia are competing Friday, Saturday NZ time.
Tsuneari won the 1st round against the Dutch, comng back from 0-2 down with a kick and eventually defeating him on hantei. Unfortunatelyhelost 2nd round agiant the German competitor who cmae 3rd 0-1. 
Day Three Saturday
Today had Charlotte Munro and McKenzie Tuala-Pine competing in the -68kg and the +68kg.
Charlotte fought well but went down 2-1 to Italy Leaving McKenzie the last chance for NZ glory.
Not the best start with Albania getting the first point but an experienced competitor Mckenzie kept her cool coming back to take the match 3-1. Second bout was against Spain who at over 6 feet tall made it very difficult, McKenzie applied the pressure well and had great defence but went down 2-0. Spain won the division beating Turkey 6-1 in the Final. This set up the repocharge with Mckenze needing two wins for bronze, unfortunately it wasn't to be losing to Great Britain 3-1.
Day Four Sunday 
Female Team Kumite in the afternoon, the team is resting tonight for an excellent performance tomorrow
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