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NZ Team wins medals at Junior World Champs

New Zealand has finished 18th on the Medal table out of 82 countries and over 1100 competitors. The 16 strong NZ team has become the most successful at a WKF world championships.


Letitia Carr
 U21 Kumite -60kg
 3rd Place
Jazmine Holland
 U21 Kumite -53kg 1st round loss
Charlotte Munro
North Shore
Fushin Ryu U21 Kumite +60kg 1st round loss1-0 in overtime
Aidan Carr
Miyagi Kan
 U21 Kumite -78kg 1st round loss  
 Chris Rahardja
 North Shore Fushin Ryu 16/17 Kata
 2nd Place
 Nicky Roberts Whangarei Shito Kai
 16/17 Kata
 3rd round loss
 Marina Monk
 North Shore Fushin Ryu 16/17 Kumite -59kg 5th =
 Lost to USA in overtime
 Kayla Stowers
 Auckland Jyoshinmon 16/17 Kumite +59kg 2nd round loss  
 Shane Tregidga
 Whangarei Miyagi Kan 16/17 Kumite -68kg 1st round loss  
 Thomas Mackie Whangarei Miyagi Kan 16/17 Kumite -76kg 1st round loss  
 Chris Rahardja North Shore Fushin Ryu 16/17 Kumite +76kg
 1st round loss  
 Barney Gill
 Wellington  16/17 Kumite -55kg 1st round loss  
 Kosei Higurashi North Shore Fushin Ryu 14/15 Kata
 3rd round loss  
 Kirby Wotherspoon Auckland Jyoshinmon 14/15 Kata 1st round loss  
 Kosei Higurashi North Shore Fushin Ryu 14/15 Kumite -57kg 1st round loss 1-0 to Spain
 William Wood North Shore Fushin Ryu 14/15 Kumite -63kg
 2nd round loss 2-1
 James Grace
 Hamilton Wado Kai
 14/15 Kumite -70kg 2nd round loss to finalist
 close bouit in repocharge 
 Sarah Bryant
 Hamilton Wado Kai
 14/15 Kumite -54kg 2nd round loss 4-3 
 Kirby Wotherspoon Auckland Jyoshinmon 14/15 Kumite +54kg 1st round loss  


Chris Rahardja     Silver Junior Male Kata

Letitia Carr          Bronze  18-20yr U60kg Female Kumite

Marina Monk        5=   Junior U59kg  Female kumite

Kosei Higurashi  won the first two rounds of cadet male kata losing in the 3rd round

Nicky Roberts    Bye in the first round, won the second in the Junior female kata losing in the 3rd round

William Wood   won the first round 3-0 over Poland lost the 2nd round 2-1 to Ireland with the winning Irish point coming from a second contact penalty.

James Grace won the first round coming from behind with a great 3-point mawashi geri to take the match 4-3. He lost to France but as the French competitor made the final James had another chance through the repocharge system. Unfortunately he lost to Morocco in a hard fought match.

Sarah Bryant won the first round in kumite (under 54kg Female Cadets) against Italy 2-0, scored a great ura mawashi but narrowly lost the 2nd round 4-3

Kayla Stowers won the first round in +59kg Junior Female Kumite winning 4-0 


In depth

Letitia Carr  of Wellington picked up New Zealands first medal winning bronze in the under 60kg 18-20yr female kumite division topping off a great year with a Silver at the world games in Taiwan in July.

Chris Rahardja from Fushin Ryu on the North Shore was 2nd in the Junior Kata (16-17yrs) NZ's first kata medal in WKF competition. An unfortunate brain block meant the he was unable to finish his kata in the final, gifting the gold medal to Japan.

Kosei Higurashi from Fushin Ryu won two rounds of kata to make the third round which made him only the 3 NZ male to win through a round in WKF kata competition.

Marina Monk from Fushin Ryu won against Japan 4-3 in a close match to get into the 3rd round after having a bye in the first round. She lost to Belgium in overtime 3-0 after letting in an ura mawashi geri. Belgium went on to the final giving Marina a change for Bronze through the repocharge system. Beating Germany got her a step closer. Ahead of the Netherlands 1-0 with 16 seconds to go Marina lost her footing after excellent pressure from the Netherlands while she was down she received a mawashigeri to the face which resulted in the Netherlands being disqualified. An unfortunate end to a well fought bout.  This set her up for the bronze medal match against the USA after some excellent work from the doctors. Unfortunately she lost in over time but received 5= in the under 59kg division.

Nine of the 16 kiwis competing have won through their first round. The competitors that lost fought very well and there were many close down to the wire bouts. This is indeed a team closing in fast on the best in the world!


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