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New Zealand Open 2008

The 2008 New Zealand Open held in Christchurch over the weekend had some great results for the small Fushin Ryu team in attendance.

The first day was busier with 12 year and over divisions being held. The FRK team consisted of Brendon Running, Rebecca Keighley, Tamara Glyn, Chris Rahardja, Sandeep Summon, Marina Monk, Alex Fox, Kosei Higurashi, William Wood, Sonya Summon, Cameron Stobie and Carl Monk. On the Sunday only Richard Rahardja competed in the individual divisions with Marina competing in the Auckland kumite team that beat Wellington 2-1 with Marina winning her bout against Naomi 8-0.

Richard Rahardja had lots of support from his team members being the only fushin ryu competitor on that day. He won gold in both the kata and kumite.

Brendon narrowly lost in the final of the under 21yrs kata to Aidan of Miyagikan taking silver. In the senior kata division he also met Aidan still but was still unable to get the better of him. Due to time constraints Brendon only had two kumite divisions, the under 21yrs open weight kumite which he won beating Aaron of Christchurch 8-0 and reversing the result with Aidan. In the open senior mens kumite Brendon took third place with some convincing results but was stopped by Todd Hammington of Wellington who put on an awesome kicking display to build up an early 6-0 lead in 30 seconds. Brendon fought back well to 6-4 before succuming 15-6 in one of the most entertaining fights of the day, with one win apiece we look forward to their next match in Wellington.

Richard Rahardja
10yr kata
  10yr kumite1st
Carl Monk 12/13 prem kata
  12yr kumite -48kg
  team kata1st
Sonya Summon 12/13 dev kata
 13yr kumite -502nd
Cameron Stobie 12/13 dev kata
  13yr kumite1st
Kosei Higurashi 14/15 prem kata 1st
 14yrs -48kg kumite
  team kata 1st
William Wood 12/13 prem kata
  13yr kumite1st
  12/13 open kumite
  team kata1st

Sandeep Summon

15yr +63kg kumite
Alex Fox 14/15 dev kata
Marina Monk 14/15 Prem kata1st
  14/15 lightweight kumite2nd
  14/15 open kumite1st
Chris Rahardja 16/17 Prem kata 1st
  16/17 kumite1st
  16/17 open kumite1st
  senior kata1st
Brendon RunningU 21yr kata
  U 21yr kumite1st
  Senior open kumite3rd
Rebecca KeighleySenior Kata
  Open kumite3rd
  U 21yrs2nd
Tamara Glyn +61kg

Marina joined Jasmin Holland and Mackenzie in the Auckland v Wellington team kumite. Marina started the team off well with an 8 - nil win with Jasimin clinching the team win.

Full Results should be on the karate NZ website.

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