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KNZ High Performance camp 2007

A KNZ camp for the team competing in the Junior world Championships to be held in Turkey this october was attended by two Fushin Ryu Karate students Brendon Running and Rebecca Keighley. Files To Download
KNZ WKF Junior worlds Team
KNZ Turkey Coaches 2 (Large)
KNZ Turkey Camp, some time for relaxing
KNZ Turkey Camp 07 2 (Large)
KNZ Turkey Camp 07 3 (Large)
KNZ Turkey Camp rest time
some time for play
KNZ Turkey Camp 07 6 (Large)
KNZ Turkey Camp 07 7 (Large)
KNZ Turkey Coaches
KNZ Turkey Team 2007
Matthew Heaps
Rebecca Keighley
Aaron Jesset
KNZ Aidan (Large)
KNZ Brendon (Large)
KNZ Jasmine (Large)
KNZ Cleo (Large)
KNZ Camp 07 (Large)
KNZ Camp 07 (3) (Large)
KNZ Camp 07 (2) (Large)
KNZ Camp 07 (1) (Large)

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