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2007 NZ Open

Although this was a smaller team that had competed at the NZ Open in Auckland it was a great effort for students to make the trip to Christchurch.

A mixed bag of results on the Saturday with the 14years and above competing with a standout performance by Brendon Running winning the Senior Mens Open Kumite division with his first victory (in over 10 matches) against favourite Travis Butler also from North Harbour! We hope this this friendly rivalry will spur them both on to great things in the future! 

Although not Chris Rahardjas' best medal tally the lessons learnt from this tournament will serve him well for the future. We look forward to the rematches at the Nationals in July.

Avalon winning in her first kumite tournament was a great suprise and we look forward to her further improvement. 

The medal  Tally for the Saturday were

6 Gold    8 Silver    15 Bronze       from 10 competitors

Shamendra Hurbuns    Brendon Running    Katrina Hedditch    Chris Rahardja    Tamara Glynn

Sandeep Summon        Rebecca Keighley  Avalon Ogle-Chapman    Michael Lynch       

Andrew Leach    


Sunday was the 6-13 year olds

Fushin Ryu students had excellent results in the kata divisions but for the coaches the highlights were in the improved performances in the kumite matches with perhaps the biggest improvement coming from Sonya Summon and although she lost the match it was an awesome performance.

The medal  Tally for the Sunday were

11 Gold    3 Silver    6 Bronze       from 9 competitors

 Marina Monk    Shannon Johnston    Kosei Higurashi    Carl Monk    Cameron Stobie

Rheed MacPherson    Alex Fox    Sonya Summon    Luke Bloxom 




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