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Hanshi Sugihara Kenpu

Instructor Sugihara
Sugihara Sensei has a lineage that most would envy, starting with his father, who taught him as a youth, and then such masters as Yasuhiro Konishi Sensei of Ryobukai (Shindo Jinen Ryu) and Hironori Otsuka Sensei, the founder of Wado Ryu, who were both top students of Funakoshi Sensei (the founder of Shotokan Karate and the father of modern day Karate)

Sugihara Sensei has an excellent background in weaponry such as the kama, sai, nunchaku, bo, tonfa and katana (samurai sword). He received a 5th Dan in Kendo and also studied Aikido for 5 years under the founder, Ueshiba Sensei. Sugihara Sensei comes across as a quiet, unassuming person, but when you see his technique one is amazed at the power that this Karate Master can manifest in a single move. One can easily see that Sugihara Sensei has trained for over 65 years in the Martial Arts. An excellent administrator, he has organized many large tournaments as well as heading an All Japan Youth Karatedo Association.

At 86 years of age Sugihara Sensei still teaches 2 classes a day, 3 days a week as well as his own daily practice of the Pinan and Naihanchi Kata showing a true passion for karate and living his adage that Karate is for life.