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Senpai Carl Monk

08 Auckland Regional Carl and Kosei in the final of the 12/13yrs lightweight kumite
Special 4yr old class Carl, Anjuli, Lee and Sonya start karate

Senpai Carl started training when he was 4 years old. He has won many New Zealand national and NZ Open gold medals as well as

2008 Oceania Championships                   (12yrs old)

Gold in individual Kata and Kumite, Gold in Team kata and Silver in Team kumite ( Carl won all his team kumite matches)

2010 Oceania Championships                     (14yrs old)

Gold in individual Kata and Bronze in individual Kumite, Gold in Team kata and Team kumite.

2011 Commonwealth Championships         (15yrs old)  

Gold in individual Kata, Gold in Team kata and won his bouts to win gold in Team kumite.

2011 WKF Junior World Championships     (15yrs old)

7th place Cadet Male (14/15yr) Individual Kata

2012 Oceania Championships     (16yrs old)

Gold in the Junior Male (16/17yr) Individual Kata

Gold in the Senior Male Team Kata with Senpai Chris and Kosei

Silver in the Junior Male (16/17yr) Individual Kumite -68kg

Bronze in Junior Male Team Kumite


2012 December 21 Graded to Shodan, 12 years training.


He has trained extensively in Japan attending many seminars conducted by some of the worlds top Karate sensei.


Carl can be contacted by email -

Rates per Hour

One student    $25

Two students   $35

Three or more $45

10 Class concession card - $220 (valid for 6 months from 1st lesson)