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Senpai Mark Eagle

Mark Eagle

Senpai Mark Starting training in Shotokan in Feilding under Sensei Rex Painter in the mid 1980's in which he graded to shodan. The  club affiliated with Sensei Len Monk and changed to Seishin Ryu. He graded to Shodan in 1989 under Sensei Monk and graded to Nidan in 1995.

Senpai Mark competed in many tournaments winning bronze in team kumite in the 1991 Nationals, bronze in kata at the 1994 Nationals as well as a bronze in team kata and gold in team kumite at the 1995 Nationals. He also represented New Zealand at 2 Oceania Competitions winning bronze in kumite at the 1994 Championships in Tahiti and in New caledonia in 1995 he won bronze in both individual kata and team kumite.

Moving overseas in 1999, he trained at Sensei Tikki Donavan's dojo in London, and with French kata champion Christophe Riccio when he moved to France. He attended many seminars taken by Sensei Ian Cole,  Sensei Wayne Otto, Sensei Molly Samuels, Tomiyama Sensei and Sakumoto Sensei.

On his return to NZ he trained at several clubs around the country. Training at a Shotokan dojo in Whakatane he passed his Sandan grading under Asai Sensei when he visited NZ in 2005.

Since 2008 he has been back training full time with Fushin Ryu and running the dojo at Ohope Beach in the Bay Of Plenty.  

Still entering tournaments he has found success in the veteran divisions winning gold at national level (veterans kata) 2009, and gold at the 2009 Sugihara Cup in veteran's kata.

Senpai Mark visits Auckland regularly training with sensei Duane at the Brownsbay dojo he has also competed in boxing charity events and has coached his new students to competition success in the Auckland Kyu grade championships.

2011 was another successful year for Senpai Mark winning Gold in Kata at the 4th Sugihara Cup as well as Gold in kata at the NZ open in Christchurch and the Auckland Open.