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Senpai Chikako Monk

instructor chikako monk
Senpai Chikako in flight
Senpai Chikako with Seminar Instructors
Copy of Sensei Patric, Duane and Chikako Sept 06

Senpai Chikako first started karate under Sensei Duane at the Bayview Dojo in 1990, training 18 months in NZ before heading to Japan for a 1 year training stint under Hanshi Sugihara Kenpu. Taking a break from Karate while having two children ( Marina and Carl) Senpai Chikako restarted her training upon returning to NZ from Japan gaining her Shodan Dec 2003.

Senpai Chikako has competed in many tournaments, the 2004 NZ Open where she was 1st (veterans kumite) 2nd (veterans kata) 3rd (under 53kg senior womens kumite) following her success in the 2003 Open of 2 golds and a silver.

2005 represented NZ in Individual senior womens kata and was the captain of the National team kata group with Rebecca Keighley and Patricia Reilly that placed 2nd in the Commonwealth karate championships.

In 2006 she gained her Nidan (2nd degree) at one of Fushin Ryu karates toughest gradings. 

Senpai regulary attends seminars, seminars with Wayne Otto o.b.e, travelling to Japan, training under many top Japanese Sensei in July 03, Germany August 2002 at the German karate Summer Camp training under world famous Sensei including Nishimura Sensei and Gunta Mohr Sensei to name only a few.

Senpai Chikako currently teaches classes at the Brownbay dojo.

Recentley Senpai Chikako graded to Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in December 2010 and is currently one of the national kata coaches for Karate New Zealand.