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Senpai Jeremy Alexander

senpai Jeremy Target squad 2006
Senpai Jeremy in Flight
Senpai Jeremy Alexander

Senpai Jeremy Alexander began his karate training at the Bayview dojo in 1993 at the age of 13 under Hanshi Len Monk and Sensei Bob Martin.

With the return of Sensei Duane Monk from Japan in 1997, he continued his training at the Browns Bay dojo, and then at the newly opened Albany Fitness Centre, where he gained his Shodan Ho in 2002, and his Shodan in 2003.

In 2004, Jeremy, represented New Zealand, at the Oceania Karate Championships, in Fiji. Along with his teammates, Senpai Shamendra Hurbuns and Senpai Brendon Running, they took second place in senior male Team Kata.

In 2005 he competed for NZ at the Karate Commonwealth Games, held in Wellington. Competing again in Team Kata, along with Shamendra and Scott Morgan, they came away with 3rd place.

2006 was a busy one. There were lots of competitions while training hard for grading. The 1st Sugihara Cup was held; Senpai Jeremy competed in three events, and managed a first place in all three. Divisions included, Individual Kata, Team Kata, with Senpai Shamendra and Brendon, and in Team Kumite, with Mike Lynch and Brendon. Also in 2006 the 12th Oceania karate championships was held in New Caledonia. The NZ team of Senpai Jeremy, Brendon and Shamendra lost to the Fijian team taking 2nd place.

At the end of 2006, a grading was drawing near. Senpai Jeremy gained his Nidan grade, along side Senpai Chikako Monk, Shamendra Hurbuns and Lars Wedinger.

Senpai Jeremy with a keen interest in Iaido trained at the Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido dojo in Auckland.