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Senpai Dave Harris

instructor dave harris

Senpai Dave Harris started karate in 1975 at the age of 13 training under Sensei Jack Sims at the Chidokan Dojo on Albert Street. Aged 22 he joined the NZ Police where he learned the basic Tae Kwon Do and Aikido holds taught at the time. While in the Police force he trained and qualified as a PR24 Baton Instructor. As an Instructor he trained newly graduated officers in the use of the baton as well as dealing in riot situations.

Senpai Dave started his training in Fushin Ryu at the Birkenhead Dojo under Hanshi Len Monk where he progressed to brown belt before shifting to the Albany Dojo where he gained his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in December 2000.

He graded to Nidan in December 2002 and to Sandan (3rd degree) in November 2006 in one of Fushin Ryu karates toughest gradings. He now teaches at the Glenfield Dojo under the guidance of Kyoshi Len Monk.

Senpai Dave competed in Regional and National tournaments finding success in this area of his training. Some of his results being 2nd places in both kata and kumite at the Central Regional tournament in 2000, 1st in kata and 3rd in kumite in the veterans division at the NZ Open 2003 a 1st in kata and 2nd in kumite in the veterans division at the NZ National tournament held in Wellington 2003. He also placed 2nd in the veterans Kata division at the NZ Open April 04 and Joined Sensei Duane and Senpai Martin to compete in Team kata winning the National senior team kata title.

Senpai Dave is currently training as a referee and holds Karate NZ kata and kumite qualifications.