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Senpai Martin Wood

Senpai Martin
Senpai Martin in flight 2006
Senpai Martin never too young!

Senpai Martin first karate training was at the Chidokan Dojo while in his 20's. He studied Tai-Chi and Bagwa for 6yrs with a special interest in the Dim Mak aspect of the Chinese martial arts. Senpai Martin restarted his Karate career in 1995 at the Birkenhead Honbu Dojo under the tutelage of Kyoshi Len Monk. 

Traveling to Japan in 1997 with a Fushin Ryu Karate team he attended the Okinawan World Karate Championships participating in Seminars under leading karate masters including Sakumoto Sensei of Ryuei Ryu before a week long training camp with Hanshi Sugihara Kenpu.

Senpai Martin gained his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in December 1998, and helped Kyoshi Len Monk run the Birkenhead Dojo until 2000.

He received his Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) in December 2002. Into his 50's Senpai Martin has also started competing in Tournaments, finding success and showing age is no barrier he started with a 3rd placing in the veterans individual Kata division at the 2004 NZ Open held in Auckland.


NZ Open           Auckland        Veteran Individual Kata 3rd 

NZ Nationals     Wellington       Senior Male Team Kata 1st


                                          Senior Male Team Kata 3rd

NZ Open         Auckland         Male Veteran Kumite 1st

NZ Nationals     Wellington      Male Veteran Kumite 1st


Sugihara Cup       Auckland      Male Veteran Kumite 1st Kata 2nd Senior Team Kata 2nd

NZ Open              Auckland      Super Vet Kumite 1st Kata 2nd

NZ Nationals         Wellington    Male Veteran Kumite 2nd


Senpai Martin has kept busy attending FRK NZ Summer and Winter camps as well as seminars in NZ held by top International Instructors including Nishimura sensei, Sakumoto sensei, Wayne Otto sensei, Ogami sensei and Tomishiro sensei. He has also trained to be a National referee.

One of Senpai Martins mayor acheivements has been completing and passing his 6 hour 3rd dan grading in November 2006 still one of Fushin Ryu karate's toughest gradings to date and is working hard towards his 4th dan.

Since 2007 he has been coaching at the 3 Karate NZ national training camps as well as refereeing at local,regional and national tournaments. Recently senpai Martin competed at the 3rd Sugihara Cup, an International karate tournament where in the Veteran Male division he placed 2nd in kumite and 3rd in kata. He was also the assistant coach  to Sensei Duane and Sensei Braedyn at the WKF Junior World Championships held in Morocco 2009.

Senpai Martin currently assists Sensei Duane and Chikako in teaching at the Hombu dojo in Brownsbay.