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Sensei Braedyn Birss

instructor braedyn
Sensei Braedyn and H Copen at the World Champs
sensei Braedyn in Flight
sensei Braedyn in a spin
Sensei Braedyn started karate at the Birkenhead Dojo under Kyoshi Len Monk on the 5th July 1982, gaining his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in December 1986. Currently he is a Sandan. He was a member of the first Fushin Ryu Karate NZ team to train and compete in Japan in 1986.

Sensei Braedyn quickly established himself on the tournament scene in both kata and kumite winning many dojo, regional and national championships. His hard earned bronze medal in the 1991 Asian/Pacific Union of Karatedo Championships in Auckland started a career in kumite spanning over a decade and has included a 5th position in the 1998 World Championships in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Braedyn has won a record 13 national Kumite titles including the 2001 Karate NZ Nationals in both his weight category and the open weight division, as well as the NSW Open Championships in 2000. He has also won 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals in the Oceania Championships. He has been Auckland Senior Coach from 1997.

 He currently teaches at the Glenfield Dojo as well as teaching the kumite classes at Glenfield Dojo.

Currently Sensei Braedyn is the Chairman of the Coaching Council for Karate Auckland, and a member of the Karate New Zealand coaching Council and a National Kumite coach.