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Hanshi Len Monk

Instructor Len Monk
WKF TC Members

Monk Sensei came from a background of Boxing and Jiu-jitsu before turning to Karate in the late 60's, as well as practicing Aikido. Sensei also showed a keen interest in Iaido (sword-drawing) and Oriental weaponry.

Monk Sensei has been to Japan well over 25 times since 1983 training under Hanshi Sugihara Kenpu including an eight-month training stint in 1999-2000; also attending Karate Masters Seminars in Shiga, Fukuoka and Tokyo as well as World Karate Federation (WKF) Refereeing and Technical Seminars. After 2 years as Karate New Zealand 1st Vice President, Sensei became National President and held the position for 10 straight years. During this time Sensei served on the National Coaching Council and also as a National Kumite Referee and Kata judge and Oceania Kumite Referee and Kata judge. Monk Sensei was the second Oceania President and also a member of the World Karate Federation Directing Committee.

Sensei is currently chairman of the New Zealand National Dan Grading Council and is a member of the World Karate Federation Technical Council (the first New Zealander to achieve this position). He teaches classes at his main Dojo in Pt Chevalier, Glenfield and Honbu Dojo.

 At 8th dan, Sensei Monk is the highest  graded non-Japanese Fushin Ryu member.