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General Information

Welcome to Fushin Ryu Karate

Beginning something new can be a little daunting at the best of times, Karate with it's Japanese traditions can be a little more so. We hope that the information contained here will make your time with us a little more enjoyable and getting started a little bit easier.

This page will be updated over the next few weeks as we will try to have all the information you may need.

Student Information is also a good place to find a lot of the information to help you in your training.

What do we have to do to get started?

You are most welcome to just show up at the Dojo at the Class that suits. You can try out a class for a casual fee of only $10. If it is the beginning of the term then this will come off your term fee when you join. If the term has already started then it will come off your "pro rated" term fees.

Wear loose clothing, track pants and a tee shirt will be fine for a start. Please remove any jewellery and your shoes and socks before you enter the dojo floor for training.

When you join there will be two forms for you to complete. One is the FRK NZ registration form. The annual fee is payable by cash or check made out to FRKNZ and given to your Sensei when joining or you can pay online (FRK NZ   Westpac   03 1322 0041942 00) please include your name and "FRK Rego" as a reference.. The second form is the Dojo joining form. Your tuition fees are payable to the club Instructor. You can get these forms from your Sensei or click on the links to download for yourself.


I can't speak Japanese?

FRK classes use Japanese Terminology. Please don't worry, you will pick it up as you learn the movements, lots of repetition! We also teach many other Japanese words along the way.  


Whats going on?

Regular newsletters will be sent by email and will be available in printed form in the dojo. Please check the Calendar on the website to see the dates and times of all events that are coming up. 



FRK NZ holds many gradings over the year. When a students is considered ready to grade they will receive a "grading form" from their instructor.

Fill the grading form out and return it to your Sensei with the grading fee or fax or email the form to and deposit the fee direct into the FRK NZ account (Westpac   03 1322 0041942 00 ) with your "Grading" and your name as a reference.

You will find out your results in class over the next week or two and you can also keep an eye on the website. Go to STUDENT INFO under Grading Results. Results and marks will be posted online.

The Grading syllabus will be taught to you in class, the requirements can also be found on the website under STUDENT INFO under Syllabus and a copy may also be on the wall in your dojo.



Club Tournaments

FRK NZ holds 7 tournaments a year. These are divided into Kata and Kumite. Points are awarded for the top 5 placegetters and are tallied at the end of the year. The top three placegetters will receive medals and certificates at prizegiving and the winner will have their name engraved on the trophy. These tournaments are open to all FRK NZ members of all grades.

We recommend students to start in tournaments as soon as possible. Tournaments are another opportunity for our students to get more practice. Without wanting to sound too PC, learning and improvement is emphasized as we believe the lessons learned from competing will last longer and be very beneficial for the future. That being said, Fushin Ryu karate students have had very good results in competition topping the medal tables in most major tournaments.

It is great if you are able to video your performances, that way you can measure your improvement. A higher grade may win against a lower grade while performing below par or a lower grade may lose to someone better but have performed at their best, it is important to keep it in perspective and look for improvement. 

Sugihara Cup

This tournament is organised and run by FRK NZ. It is held every 2 years. The next one will be at the North Shore events centre July 2011. Entry forms can be downloaded from our website Sugihara Cup Entry forms 2011

Karate Auckland Tournaments

Karate Auckland organises several tournaments each year. As Karate NZ members these are open to all Fushin Ryu karate students. Kyu grade

Karate New Zealand Tournaments

Karate NZ runs two tournaments a year. The NZ Open which has been held in Christchurch the last 4 years and the NZ nationals which is held in Wellington


I would like to get involved, how do I help?

We welcome all helpers. For smooth running tournaments it is essential to have trained tournament officials. You can start by coming along to the FRK NZ Club Championships. Training will be given in the different areas. Marshalling, Scorekeeping.



If we miss a class?

Please let your Instructor know, via email is perhaps the best or leave a message. We have many class options available. We hope that students will make up any missed classes at a time that suits. It is important to get into a regular training routine for constant improvement. 


Specialised Classes

In class students will learn kata for their grade and kumite basics for tournaments but by taking the extra specialized classes  they will notice the improvement, it's no coinsidence that most of our National team members regululary take advantage of these classes.

Future Champions kata class, this runs weekly during the school term. The class will cover higher grade kata and works on one kata each term.  The class also covers stretching, plyometrics and weight training.

Kumite (Tournament sparring) These classes will cover child, adults, lower grades and experienced.They generally run every 2nd Sunday but the scheldule is subject to change as Tournaments are also generally held on Sundays.

Holiday Programs are normally held for one week every school holidays. Information on dates and times can be found on the calendar.  Students can attend the whole week, one day, mornings only or afternoons only. These are a great opportunity for students to make huge gains.

Private Lessons. Many of FRK NZ's highly trained Senpai and Sensei offer private lessons. If you have an area you would like to improve in this is a great way to do it.

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